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Fahrenheit 451 is amazing. Not for the science fiction aspect, not for the social commentary, but how relevant to my life it is. I can't decide whether or not I'm Clarise or Montag, but if I get hit by a car, we'll know, right?

+ My nose itches like motherfucking crazy.

+ I need a job, and employment does not come easy.

+ I would fall head over heels if someone had enough confidence to say, "take all your big plans, and break 'em". I'm tired of guys who mumbled, those who are too afraid to ask for what they want. I'm not looking for driven future corporate sharks- I'm not looking for anything- and overachievers make me uncomfortable, but for godsakes become a person. Don't be a fucking cardboard cut out. There's only one guy that interests me, in a platonic way, and it seems like he wanes between a spirited person, and just another splotch on the landscape.


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I can't get over this immobilizing fear that the world is running out of resources. Salmon in California, corn and wheat, WATER. Who knew that oil wouldn't be as precious as we thought? It's frightening, really, really fucking terrifying to me.

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Anyone else notice that the Ben from Lost kinda looks a tad bit like Kim Jong Il?